Wedding Lessons at an Unbeatable Price!

Wedding Dance A Last Minute Thought?

Getting Married? Have 2 Left Feet? Want to feel & look comfortable on the Dancefloor? Hit The Floor Dance Studio is here to Help

Let the passionate team at Hit the Floor work with you to choreograph a unique and memorable wedding dance – a special moment for both you, your family and guests.

To avoid ‘wedding frenzy’ Hit the Floor suggests coming in as soon as possible for your complementary lesson/consultation (sample lesson).

As everyone learns differently and has different ideas for their first dance, talk to one of our staff members today, so we can get you started! Ph: 0433 135 522 or Email Us –

NB: It’s not necessary to wear your wedding shoes to your first few dance lessons. It’s best to start off with shoes that you’re very comfortable in. (especially for the ladies) Learning to dance can be challenging enough without throwing in difficult shoes. Once you and your partner are starting to get really comfortable dancing together – and you’re through stepping on each other’s toes – then you can add the wedding shoes to the equation.


Peter was amazing helping Maxy and I learn our wedding dance. He was patient and adaptable and the lessons were lots of fun! We can't wait to show our guests on our special day!!!
A. Castran
Cannot recommend enough! We were lucky enough to have Peter as our wedding first dance instructor. He came up with beautiful and original choreography that matched the lyrics of our song perfectly. He made us feel instantly relaxed and also challenged us to reach heights we did not think we could ever achieve. Our first dance was definitely a highlight of the wedding and our guests could not stop raving on about it. Thanks for everything, Pete!
P. Do
Peter was very easy to work with. His choreography was designed to play to our strengths. The lessons were fun. He made what could have been an intimidating experience (If you are not a great dancer) , an extremely enjoyable one. Thanks Peter!
L. Coutinho
We both are very happy with the our wedding dance lesson. Pete was very accommodating. We only had 2 weeks before the wedding when we started the lesson. With his expertise, Pete made this part of wedding planning so much easier! I would definitely recommend Pete! Thanks again Pete!
N. Mandasari
We would highly recommend Pete at Hit The Dance Floor Studio. We had no dancing experience and Pete helped us find our feet in 3 lessons and choreographed a beautiful yet manageable first dance for our wedding.
Thank you Pete for creating our perfect first dance. You'll be pleased to know we nailed it on the night and everyone was so impressed by our moves!
A. Douglas
Peter was amazing - very patient and easy going. He made the whole process of learning a wedding dance fun and low stress.
E. Kate

What Happens In Your Sample Lessons ?

In this lesson, your teacher will review song choice and help you decide on the most appropriate style of dance. If you haven’t yet decided on a song, your teacher can help with this too.

Since the song will determine the dance style, we suggest you bring in the songs on your short list so we can show you what the different dance styles are like, and how they fit with the songs you are considering.

After this lesson, your instructor will be able to determine and advise how many lessons it will take for you to reach a comfortable level for your first dance.

It is preferable to begin your lessons at least 2 to 3 months before the wedding. Give yourself plenty of time, so that you can relax and enjoy your lessons. The last couple of weeks before the wedding, when things are beginning to get a little hectic, you’ll be glad that you’ve learned your dance and are ready to go! ……..However

If you’ve waited until the last minute, no need for further stresses! no time is too little. We are experienced in knowing the right material to teach for the time given, and how to get beginners up and dancing comfortably in a short amount of time.

Depending on the time frame, we can either create original choreography or just keep it simple:

If you want something a bit different, we can create a unique dance that works with your choice of song, and teach you how to dance it with style and confidence.

If, however, basic partnering skills are all you want (and/or have time for), we can teach you to move comfortably together on the floor without having to worry about learning a lot of intricate steps.

Article written By Namrata Nongpiur

Learn the Relationship Benefits Of Dancing!


Couples who indulge in any kind of extra-curricular activities together are known to have a better sense of bonding than regular couples. When you take up dancing lessons together you start spending more time together. As a result you begin to communicate more with each other and, perhaps, find the same bonding you had at the early stages of your relationship

Better Understanding

As couples take to dancing together, they learn to understand each other better than they would otherwise. Dancing requires co-ordination and for co-ordination, you need to develop mutual understanding. When dancing with your partner, the understanding you establish is purely non-verbal, a level of understanding much beyond spoken words; something most regular, in-love couples struggle to achieve


When partners come together to dance, they learn to work together, to use their contrasting qualities to achieve a common goal and trust each other. Partners begin to cooperate much better as there are no ego clashes involved. The awareness of the need to work in harmony to reach their goal drives them to understand and work on each other’s cues which start showing its positive effects off the dance floor too.

Positive Change In Communication

When taking dance lessons, you develop together as a couple. Dancing enhances your non-verbal communication with each other and teaches you qualities like patience, makes you more understanding towards your partner and, further, makes you aware of one another’s cues. The harmony achieved on the dance floor is a skill that transcends into your relationship, thus, bringing in a positive change in how you communicate with each other.

Re-ignite Passion

Various dance forms like Salsa and Tango are known to be extremely seductive. Once you start grooving to the sultry beats, you are consumed by passion for your partner. Dancing together is about establishing a connection and a strong sense of partnership. The concept of working in harmony towards building something can be enriching not only for your relationship but for you as a whole.